Malanadu Tea Farmers Society (MTFS)

Malanadu Tea Farmers’ Society (MTFS)
Parathodu, Kanjirapally,
Kottayam, Kerala-686 512

Address of Zonal Office:
Malanadu Tea Farmers’ Society,
Vandiperiyar – 685 533
Idukki (Dt.)

Legal Status:
Registered as a Social Service Society on 26th July 2000,
under Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955.

Registration No.
K – 664/2000

Operational Area:
The States of Kerala.

Special focus areas:
Idukki District of Kerala

The Vision:

Ensuring sustainable livelihood of small and marginal farmers

The Mission

The economic upliftment of the small and marginal farmers by equipping them with scientific and modern farming methods and practices and also by relieving them from the control of the intermediaries at different levels in the course of selling /marketing of their agricultural produces.

The Objectives

To take leading role in organizing tea farmers and tea farmers’ movement.
Organise Farmers Groups to strengthen the co-operation among tea farmers.
Provide training and other activities to make the tea farmers aware of various techniques in scientific methods of tea cultivation.
To help the tea farmers to produce agricultural value added products from tea
To procure, process and arrange marketing of tea products to help the small and marginal tea farmers.
Organise awareness programmes for capacity building of small tea growers.
To generate awareness among the tea farmers about dangers of using harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers and encourage them to shift to organic farming and take steps for its promotion.