Supporting Groups - Farmers

Dairy Farmers

Milk Collection

88,500 litres of milk from 46,000 small farmers 454 Milk Societies in Kerala and Tamilnadu.
40,000 litres of milk from 17,000 farmers - 102 Milk Societies in Kerala.
48,500 litres of milk from 29,000 farmers - 352 Milk Societies in Tamilnadu

Farmer level awareness programmes on quality up gradation, scientific cattle rearing, fodder cultivation etc.
Free Veterinary support and guidance for the farmers.
Medical Insurance coverage to the dairy farmer families.
Special incentives and bonus for the dairy farmers.
Cow loan for the purchase of cross-bred cows.
Promotional programmes for fodder cultivation, bio gas, agro-forestry and composting.
Calf rearing project for increasing cattle population.
Providing nutritional cattle feed at subsidised rates.
Educational Assistance and scholarship for the children of dairy farmers.
Farmers’ Bank - Banking facility through Farmer Credit Union programme.

Animal Husbandry

Training and capacity building programmes for farmers on sustainable livestock development, Calf rearing, Nutrient management etc..
Providing breeding and insemination facilities.
A model Fodder Farm, Composting unit , Dairy Farm and Goat Farm for technology dissemination at Vayalpetti, Theni.
Promotion of Azolla as a feed nourishner and bio-fertiliser.
Pig Farm for the supply of piglets to farmers.


Procurement of Agricultural Produces from farmers – Honey, Tea leaves, Coffee beans, Cereals like maize, millets etc.
Beekeeping Centre for the promotion of beekeeping practices (apiculture) among small and marginal farmers.
Training Centre for promoting principles of organic farming, bio-dynamic agriculture etc.
Promotion and distribution of Vermi-compost and farm based production of manures and botanicals.
Soil and water analysis facility for farmers.
Promotion of Azolla as a substitute for cattle feed and bio-fertiliser.
Agriculture nursery for the supply of quality seeds, seedlings and other planting materials.
Promotion of ferro-cement water tanks for effective rain water harvesting